Mai Kim Winn Joined Dec 19, 2013

I love life. Think simple,Act Simple and Live simple@@Started trading 1998.Trading with passion,details info and technical.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $PTLA
    Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  2. $AAPL
    Apple Inc.
  3. $GWPH
    GW Pharmaceuticals plc
  4. $QQQ
    PowerShares Nasdaq-100 QQQ
  5. $ECYT
    Endocyte, Inc.
  6. $VIX
    CBOE Volatility Index
  7. $SPY
    SPDR S&P 500
  8. $OPTT
    Ocean Power Technologies, Inc
  9. $IBB
    iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology