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    Wuyi Li Joined Aug 10, 2012

    Graduate Student in Statistics


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      James Kim
      In trading, be like water.
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      Frederick Bailey
      35 year Wall St. Veteran, habitual contrarian, blending TA, macro, social media extremes for inflection points. Trade VXX, SPX, Oil in leveraged ETFs, natural bear but agnostic to direction. Abhors caustic, juvenile & unproductive posts.
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      Samantha Lee
      Finance degree from UNLV. (graduated '05) I do lots of research. I watch dark pools and try to be one step ahead. Don't be shy, say hi! Note: Posts are my opinions only and are not advice. Trade at your own risk.
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      No Use For A Name
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      Grok Trade
      Grok Trade is an online trading education resource helping traders reach their full potential in trading through foundational online trading education and a personal trading mentor.
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      Register at with your StockTwits account and fill out your watchlists to receive customized earnings notifications
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. We make $2,600 daily. You can request our daily trades by sending us an email at Please follow us that we can communicate via private messages.
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      Daytrading based on momentum chart setups & bullish signals + high risk trades. All posts are for entertainment/educational purposes only. Please don't follow if you intend to copy my trades.
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      Full time stock trader who's not afraid to take risks in the market. I have an intuitive approach when it comes to trading. I also consider myself a contrarian.
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      ETF Daily News
      ETF Daily News gives you one source for the latest daily headlines helping you to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds.
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      shalley liu
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      China Stock Research
      China is crazy. Trying to make sense of it from on the ground. US-listed China stock news and info feed. For higher-freq of related China news, check @ChinaStockRsrch on Twitter. 会说中文.
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      MBA in Financial Services. Advanced Diploma in Energy Finance. Observing the overall growth or decline. Fundamental analysis & long-term, while taking technicals & short-term trends into account.
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      Michael Zhang
      Active long-term growth investor with interests in trend and technical analysis. Focus on Internet, cloud, biotech, financial and anything that grows 20% YoY.
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      Bill Watts
      I am a licensed PE specializing in control systems. I originate from near Liverpool England and now live in Maui, Hawaii - which gives me a sense of great achievement :) Bodysurfer + Long term investor w/30 years experience and a focus on growth.
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      Investor's Analytics
      The free way to use artificial intelligence to inform your investment decisions. We use a proprietary AI-driven algorithm to analyze the stock market each night, and bring you our 5 Day Forecasts every day. Our Forecasts have proved 80-90% accurate.
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      JXM Financial Official Account
      The JXM Database offers a non biased tool that is used to uncover stocks for superior future returns. The database is set up to rank the stocks against each other and the market. Email;