Aaron Jackson Joined Jul 12, 2010

Private trader + investor. I author atmcharts.com and contribute to thetechnicalroom.com. Check 'em out. Am here to sort out thoughts and share ideas.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $HURC
    Hurco Companies Inc.
  2. $CLDN
  3. $AOSL
    Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Ltd.
  4. $CLCT
    Collectors Universe Inc.
  5. $SKX
    Skechers USA Inc.
  6. $ATHL
    Athlon Energy
  7. $QUIK
    QuickLogic Corporation
  8. $AXDX
    Accelerate Diagnostics Inc
  9. $ARTX
    Arotech Corp.
  10. $PSIX
    Power Solutions International
  11. $AKAM
    Akamai Technologies Inc.
  12. $ORB
    Orbital Sciences Corp.
  13. $ATRO
    Astronics Corp.
  14. $VRNT
    Verint Systems Inc.
  15. $ISSC
    Innovative Solutions & Support Inc.
  16. $MTRX
    Matrix Service Co.
  17. $NGS
    Natural Gas Services Group Inc.
  18. $UFPI
    Universal Forest Products Inc.
  19. $CGNX
    Cognex Corporation
  20. $HXL
    Hexcel Corp.