Brian Kelly Joined Dec 11, 2012

Long-term portfolio themes: clean energy, robotics, biotech and disruptive technology. Throw in some special situations and I hope it all Works!

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $SLTD
    Solar3D, Inc.
  2. $RAD
    Rite Aid Corp.
  3. $NSPR
  4. $OIH
    Oil Services HOLDRs
  5. $XLE
    Energy Select Sector SPDR
  6. $TGTX
    TG Therapeutics
  7. $SYN
    Synthetic Biologics Inc.
  8. $CFRX
    ContraFect Corporation
  9. $TRIL
    Trillium Therapeutics
  10. $URA
    Global X Uranium ETF
  11. $WATT
    Energous Corp
  12. $HOTR
    Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.
  13. $HART
    Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Tech Inc
  14. $TNXP
    Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
  15. $LBMH
    Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc.
  16. $TTPH
    Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  17. $POZN
    POZEN Inc.
  18. $SRNE
    Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.
  19. $MEIP
    MEI Pharma Inc.
  20. $ZIXI
    Zix Corp.