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      Gerard foline
      We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The information contained on our website, social media. Is just our opinion and what we are promoting. If you see it and like it start YOUR OWN FULL DD. I #Stockmarketcheerleader
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      Alex K. [WT4U Founder]
      I enjoy making people profit! Watchlists provided nightly! The WinningTrades4U Communal Trading Platform is NOW LIVE! Experience the platform w/ 2-Day Risk Free Trial! All Posts Opinionated. Do your own DD to Win!
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      You'll never know
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      My Goal: 1) To Be A Better Swing Trader 2) Help Others to Gain Profit 3) Expect #thirtythirtyrule 4) Always #buylowsellhigh
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      theta positive
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      Brian Shannon, CMT Official Account
      Pro trader. Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes Most stocks I mention on stockwits are short term.
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      Paul Hotakainen
      Retirement investing, commodities, swing trades, and value.
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      Eugenio Simon
      Investor | Trader ★ Don't play what's there, play what's not there -Miles Davis ★ RT ≠ endorsements
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      Willy, Charlie, Bob, Idiot
      Just trying to help, one idea at a time. Still so much to learn. I'm not selling and I'm not buying. Do your own DD. Striving to be civil and courteous to all.
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      Entrepreneur who built and sold a successful Internet company. Now a full-time investor and angel VC
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      SurgeAdmin Nick
      I am a Day Trader at heart, swing trader because I know it's smart. Come and join Surge Traders to collaborate with like minded traders about strategies and trade ideas. I alert my actual entries/exits via trading room & SMS, mentoring too!
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      Daily chart alerts!, Blue Arrow Alert! (trade inside bar on all time frames). Price Alerts! at key levels. Use Fibonacci levels & 8/21 exponential moving averages to trim/trail, buy/add on break/close above resistance. Buy bullish reversals
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      Harry Boxer Official Account features Harry Boxer's real-time technical analysis & trade alerts for short-term stock traders. It includes a live chat room & live chart screencast by Harry, an award-winning stock picker & 40-year Wall Street veteran.
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      Tom Bruni
      Founder @BruniCharting / Financial Services Consultant at EY. Avid user of sarcasm. All views are my own.
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      Anthony Brown
      Former zookeeper, full-time independent trader. Primarily short time frames, utilizing options to achieve leverage for directional moves.
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      John Terluk
      Non professional swing trader. Primarily in biotech. Been doing this 20+ years and I know less everyday or so it seems. I'm rational and I'm pretty sure the market is not, so do the opposite of me
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      PuroData Research
      Our free commodity trading report, identifies trading opportunities using advanced pattern recognition. Our high probability trading report will instill greater confidence in your trading decisions and increase your chances of success.
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      Andy Hecht Official Account
      Andy Hecht is a sought-after international commodity trader, an options expert and analyst.
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      Why buy the dip when you can buy the Marianas Trench?