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Day Trader. What else do you really need to know?


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    Tim Fischer
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    Phil H
    Follow me to learn the most accurate & objective Technical Analysis there is! Experience the HIGHEST success rates ANYWHERE(I challenge you to find better) for FREE! HUGE momo returns, BEST entries & exits! Drawing random horizontal lines is a MYTH
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    grace slick
    WHAT CAN U DO 4 ME ? plz, read this ! I've no idea about any direction! WHAT CAN I DO 4 U ? take my number and buy/sell FAR ABOVE/BELOW this number! FAR = +- 5 pips or 15cent or 1.5 points BUT DON'T ASK ME ANYTHING !
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    Linvest Research
    26 years of MKT experience, independent research analyst to institutional investors,provides technical analysis & trading strategies including Indexes, Stocks, ETFs, Option, Currencies & Commodities. Ideas are personal opinion not investment advice.
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    Elliottician since '09. Listening to binaural beats, staring at Fibonacci spirals in the universe. Stocks, like atoms, are the centers of energies that are controlled mathematically. I hope to prove here that technicals lead the news.
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    Ed Kol
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    Carol Minarcik
    I look for Hot Stocks and Distressed Stocks...........Right Place at the Right Time! "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence". Mark Twain
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    I am the founder and moderator of the live trading chat room at GreatStockPix.com. The teamwork among the traders in our chat room is very rare in this industry. I am proud to be a part of it!
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    The Ponz
    April 23, 2015: Turned $5k principal into $1M in about 1 month. Thank you StockTwits! All trades posted in real time w/PROOF. Stop trading micro-cap stocks for 20% gains and learn ETF options for 1000%+ gains. Lower risk, unlimited upside.
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    Nyse Nasdaq Amex Daily Stock Picks Best 10 Stocks Under $10
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    John McLaughlin-StockCoach
    Day Trading Coach, Day Trading Stocks, NEW School. Stop Losing - Shift from Big Money Losing to Big Money Winning. Income Potential: $300K+/yr (Authentic, No Guarantees) Call for your Free Evaluation ($1K/hr Value) 949-218-4114
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    At the moment - focusing on biotech startups in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. Trading mostly ETF and ETN. Beside rigorous studies&work I like to travel, spend time w/ fam&dog (love animals). 2011, Currier House! ✌️
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    Tree n Home
    I twits real time to buy stocks that are ready to potentially move soon. I will take small profit 1/2 (make break even point down) then swing for rest 1/2 . I will take small loss quickly when it return back under the trend line or breakout point.
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    Bilo Selhi
    Focused on finding stocks that have potential to double within short term. Mostly day and swing trades. Follow me on Google+ (link below) for details about my premium stock alerts available via phone, text, email, & Google+ message.
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    Patti Bradfield
    Retired photojournalist Inflammatory Breast Cancer advocate/speaker Author Working on second book. Ex-talk show host.
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    Yoni solo
    Let's make MONEY