bob the dog Joined Mar 23, 2012

On the prowl for The Divergent J-Lo (bullish divergence with a "rounded bottom" on the 21 ema)

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BKMU
    Bank Mutual Corporation
  2. $SREV
    ServiceSource International, In
  3. $QTWW
    Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.
  4. $KERX
    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
  5. $MNKD
    MannKind Corp.
  6. $INVN
    InvenSense, Inc.
  7. $MAKO
    MAKO Surgical Corp.
  8. $IMRS
    IMRIS, Inc.
  9. $HZNP
    Horizon Pharma Inc
  10. $FIO
    Fusion-io, Inc.
  11. $AFFY
    Affymax, Inc.
  12. $GNOM
    Complete Genomics, Inc.
  13. $ASMB
    Assembly Biosciences