Martin DeBovis Joined Sep 13, 2010

Managed a large cap value fund and an emerging market fund for a large pension fund. Also, as a quantitative analyst developed quantitative stock selection model. Current passion trading and understand the market

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $PLNR
    Planar Systems Inc.
  2. $NBG
    National Bank of Greece SA
  3. $IIN
    Intricon Corp.
  4. $WFT
    Weatherford International Ltd.
  5. $HILL
    Dot Hill Systems Corp.
  6. $ALBKY
    Alpha Bank A.E.
  7. $PEIX
    Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
  8. $AXAS
    Abraxas Petroleum Corp.
  9. $RSX
    Market Vectors Russia ETF
  10. $CPST
    Capstone Turbine Corp.
  11. $BP
    BP plc
  12. $HW
    Headwaters Inc.
  13. $MTW
    Manitowoc Co. Inc.
  14. $SBUX
    Starbucks Corporation
  15. $ETFC
    E*TRADE Financial Corporation
  16. $TNP
    Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd.
  17. $AGIO
    Agios Pharmaceuticals
  18. $AA
    Alcoa Inc.
  19. $SB
    Safe Bulkers, Inc.
  20. $MCP
    Molycorp, Inc.