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    paul c
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    Long term swinger undervalued stocks long $HPJ $LTS $AAL $KNDI $BABA $VIPS $PPO
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    John Ducas
    16 year old trader, investor & capitalist. Named One of the Most Powerful People in Finance by the Business Insider .... Twitter: @realJohnDucas
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    Gennady Kupershteyn
    Gennady Kupershteyn has been in the financial services industry since 1997. Since 2000, he has been a professional trader and serves as a trading mentor and adviser.
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    Professional Commodity Trader | M.Sc.EE | Join over 13.000 people and follow me on Twitter. Get free trading signals on my blog.
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    Мартин Стојчевски
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    Landshark Analytics
    Official page of Landshark Analytics. The Industry Leader in Retail Trading Education. Develop the skills needed to trade futures, options & stocks with Landshark's innovative trading programs.
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    John Doe
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    Steve Foxx
    I'm a trader who avoids the noise, manages risk, using weekly bars. I offer no predictions, only serious long term trades. What else is there? A careful examination of my list of losing and winning trades tells the complete story.
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    Wanda Halpert
    Wanda Halpert is the President of Concord Business Plans. Since 1997, she has led teams of researchers and financial analysts in the preparation of over 500 advanced Business Plans for public and private companies.
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    liya Wong
    Fashion Designer and stocks investor. Try to use six sense of human making the Art & Invest together.
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    Sam Mitchell
    I invest in companies with strong fundamentals which are also significantly undervalued, presenting a good margin of safety. I write extensively about my ideas and investment strategies on my blog at
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    Fox Wave Trading
    A unique approach to global markets, visit the website for more free information. Primarily we are looking for a group of traders to scan global markets together using the fox wave trading technique. At the moment max 100 traders.
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    Weekly Option Play
    WeeklyOptionPlays offers Premium and Basic Plans for Weekly Options. Weekly Option Plays also issues Stocks. Visit us to know more.
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    Timothy Kelleher
    Quasar Trading - NASDAQ OMX PHLX Member Firm (Trader - Manager)
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    Enterprise Group, Inc. Official Account
    Enterprise Group, Inc. $E.CA is a growing consolidator of profitable businesses providing services to the utility, energy and infrastructure construction sectors of Canada's robust economy. Sign up to be notified at
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    The site for journaling, analyzing, and sharing your trades.
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    Dan Chapman
    For the past 15 years the StockConsultant tools have dominated the online technical analysis space with simple price action indicators, cool candlestick charts, support , resistance, volume, targets, and breakouts. This is not investment advice.
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    Oliver Sloup
    Senior Account/Managed Futures Specialist at iiTRADER. Visit our website for our free in-house research. Also check out our CTA's and Systems
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    Alejandro Masari
    I'm a professional trading coach, I maximize profits & minimize risk while removing the fear aspect of trading. Passionate about teaching & helping clients how to play ETF's and gold miners profitably. Send me a Direct Message to become a client.