China Stock Research Joined Jun 04, 2013

China is crazy. Trying to make sense of it from on the ground. US-listed China stock news and info feed. For higher-freq of related China news, check @ChinaStockRsrch on Twitter. 会说中文.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $CCCR
    China Commercial Credit, Inc.
  2. $YOKU Inc
  3. $SFUN
    SouFun Holdings Ltd.
  4. $YY
    YY Inc.
  5. $YZC
    Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.
  6. $KZ
    KongZhong Corp.
  7. $DATE International Ltd.
  8. $MR
    Mindray Medical International Limited
  9. $ISS
    Isoftstone Holdings Limited
  10. $LITB
  11. $CYOU Limited
  12. $GSH
    Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd.
  13. $DANG
    E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc.
  14. $RENN
    Renren Inc. American Depositary
  15. $CHC
    China Hydroelectric Corporation
  16. $GA
    Giant Interactive Group, Inc.
  17. $HOLI
    Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd
  18. $NPD
    China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd.
  19. $HMIN
    Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.
  20. $GAME
    Shanda Games Limited