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    Chris Versace Joined Oct 03, 2010

    Chris Versace writes the "PowerTrend Profits" newsletter and "ETF PowerTrader" trading service, which both use a thematic investing perspective that ties in economics, demographics, psychographics, technology and more. He's also the host of Pow


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      Skipper Dude
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      Steve Phillips
      Professional Trader & Educator. The goal is to help you become an independent successful trader.
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      Lewis Salvati
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      Catalyst Global - IR
      Catalyst Global is a capital markets consulting firm. We post about clients, prospects & other companies of interest. Our posts are NOT endorsed by clients. Investors should review SEC & other disclosures on risks, etc. before taking action.
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      Neil Bradie
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      Jeong Jae Won
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      Byron Trader
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      Pj Pahygiannis
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      Richard Suttmeier
      Suttmeier, a former U.S. Treasury trader has more than 40 years of experience in the U.S. financial markets. Suttmeier is an engineer by education with a master of science degree. He has been writing newsletters and market commentaries since 1984,
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      Prieur Du Plessis
      I am an investment professional with 30 years' experience and publish the "Investment Postcards Daily" internet newspaper about the macro outlook for global stock markets, bonds, currencies and commodities (including gold).
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      Erhan Bilici
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      Jeff Macke Official Account
      Professional investor since 1997. +19.5% net annualized returns from 1998-2005. Original cast member of Fast Money. Host on Yahoo Finance 2011- March 2015. Author: Clash of the Financial Pundits w/ Josh Brown
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      charles gasparino Official Account
      senior correspondent fox news and fox business
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      Alpha Trader
      I Trade Stocks, Options and Futures you can find me @ Options/Stocks trading Chat Community, TwTR: @iq2020 "Why Trade alone Join a TEAM" "Posted Trades represent my ideas & my money, not responsible for any losses."
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      Pension Partners, LLC Official Account
      Pension Partners is an investment advisor which manages mutual funds & separate accounts. RT NOT endorsements.
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      The Motley Fool
      Helping the world invest - better.
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      Jeff Cox
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      Steve Ruffley
      Chief Market Strategist at Creator of the best way to chart and learn how to use technical analysis for trading success. Risk disclaimer
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      InvestorsBusinessDaily Official Account
      Investor's Business Daily provides stock market news and analysis, powerful investing products, and education to help investors make money in the market. All content is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.