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Expert in "Cup and Handle" patterns, fractal movements in financial markets, Elliott Wave analysis and Extreme Financial Planning.Follow me on $TWTR & $FB. Upcoming book "Fractal Magic" How to make money from repetitive set ups in financial markets.


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    Got opinions, charts and cookies. Wise up, I love to debate especially if you're wrong. Follow me, I'll (probably) follow back. Learn together. (and the guy with his hand up my backside is saeed)
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    Brian Anderson
    Father, husband, avid golfer/skier, college football fan, business owner, forex trader and wealth investor. Go Buckeyes!
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    Everything in life has a pattern. Macro and Micro should be assimilated. Intertwined is where we find our entrance. Breaking the code is our job. Networking our combined self-interests maximizes our probabilities.
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    Marketplace Monitor
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    My trading style utilizes simple supply/demand levels based on volume profiles, trend lines and gap analysis. I steer clear of most moving averages, candles, and use indicators only as odds enhancers. My area to improve on is limiting losses.
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    Joe Hentges
    see website
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    Evan Medeiros
    Price only momentum trader focused on clean breakouts from actionable bases. Aggressive risk management, objectivity, and a simple process is my edge.
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    IF YOU FOLLOW ME YOU ACCEPT THE DISCLAIMER. Check my website for tools. I Provide Swing trades Ideas & info provided for educational & entertainment purposes only, perform your own due diligence or seek the help of a financial advisor!
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    wayne chase
    Intermediate · Equities, Options · Fundamental · Position Trader
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    In I.T. since 1992, a husband since 1994, a father since 2000, amateur composer, & passionate about personal finance & trading the markets since I can remember.
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    melinda fishman
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    A William O'Neil follower, CANSLIM-with-a-twist investor, i.e.,using additional techniques such as Morales' pocket pivots for better entry points and risk mgt rather than just at breakout buy points. If you follow my trades, do so at your own risks.
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    Scott Armstrong
    10 year veteran trader & portfolio manager focused on US/Canadian equities, precious metals futures, US Treasury bond futures, and currencies
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    Tech Talk
    authors are Don and Jon Vialoux. Don is past president of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and author of the daily blog at
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    Tom Wong
    I mainly buy high quality names large cap with some smaller cap if the thesis is too compelling. Toronto & NY Stock Exchanges. Believer in Jason Donville ROE principle. Look for stocks that have delivered at least 20% ROE in the past 5 years.
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    Raffaella D
    Lawyer/MBA that spends the day trading metals and mining ETF and hanging out with my Shar Pei, Scarlett!
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    Sign up for our free BreakOut Alerts or pay just $9.95 and also get our Stock Watch List with specific trading criteria on high EPS and RS ranked stocks which look poised to breakout.
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    tontine ¢offee house
    Kun:4):000:Receptive:Earth:Cow: SW:Autumnal.Equinox:Aug/Oct
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    Victor Roberts
    Learning trading/Investing. I welcome suggestions/guidance. I'm a practicing MD (Internist) in Florida. Proud of "Telangana" (newest state in India) INVEST IN INDIA not China. Technical Analysis is key
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    Aj Floyd