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A position trader in training, read lots of books, now trying to gain any knowledge I can from the people who do it best!


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    Canslim style, You only learn thru experience. Mkt is like poker/chess. Know the hand your dealt and manage risk accordingly. I use ST to talk to myself and journal. Id like to also help along the way if you can follow my nonsense! :)
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    DarvasTrader is the home of the Nicolas Darvas stock trading system. is written and published by Darrin Donnelly.
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    CANSLIM lose the ego/opinions! search for best fundamentals and study price/volume action for best entries. no recommendations, just ideas and examples. do your own research and know your own time frames. A butterfly causing a tsunami
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    Boyd Hunt

    CANSLIM investor - constant study, hard work, and perseverance is the path to success
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    I am Jaguar Paw, son of Flint Sky. My Father hunted this forest before me. I am a hunter. This is my forest. And my sons will hunt it with their sons after I am gone.
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    Trend Trader. Price and Volume action only. Longer term for me is until i beleive a cycle and a stocks move is complete. Typically 200d breaks. Prefer fast moving stocks. CANSLIM style with my own twist.
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    Richard Liang

    Background with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Follower of William O'Neil Style of trading. Read books by Jesse Livermore, Bernard Baruch, John Boik, Nicolas Darvas, William O'Neill, Gil Morales and Dave Landry.