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      Eugene Shohat
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      Ultimate Stock Alerts
      Nasdaq/NYSE Low Priced Momentum Trader. Follow us on stocktwits and get our alerts first. You can also join our newsletter to get our market commentary at
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      Conference Call Transcripts
      One-stop shop for all company conference call transcripts
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      Bilo Selhi
      Focused on finding stocks that have potential to double within short term. Mostly day and swing trades. Follow me on Google+ (link below) for details about my premium stock alerts available via phone, text, email, & Google+ message.
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      MOJO Day Trading
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      I am here for the karma
      70% Options Trader and 30% Swing trader. Here to share ideas and meet some great people. My favorite strategies. 1. Throw hope out the window and trade to a plan. 2. Follow the volume in and follow the volume out. 3. Respect stops.