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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Evan Lazarus
    Chief Knowledge Officer and lead educator at T3Live.com, Trader with T3 Trading Group, devoted husband and father, Philly sports fan and Miami Hurricane junkie.
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    Olof Thomas
    I have been trading professionally for 6 years while actively participating in the stock market for the last 10 years. I use Auction Market Theory and Market Profile as the foundation for my methodology.
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    Kevin Strydom
    Forex trader that turned $100 into $70000 in 6 months.
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    The Market BadAss
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    Abhishek Seth
    is a med student and a swing trader.
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    Wayne Lord
    Business Owner/Manager, Investor, Trader, Golfer, Snorkeler, Music Lover, and Devoted Family Man.
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    BigTicks.com offers stock news and research, free real time charts and a network of niche stock websites.
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    Raymond Reis
    American Stock Exchange Specialist (Options) 1980-90 Amex Market Maker 1990-2002 Comex Local 2003-2005 Private trader 2005- Present
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    Jeremy C
    I am blessed to analyze, forecast, and trade a broad range of markets. FX and rates are how I make my living, but the living has just begun. Additionally, I author a newsletter focued on technicals entitled capacité de synthèse for all who will rea
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    Ivaylo Ivanov Official Account
    Founder of Ivanhoff Capital and SocialLeverage50.com, Co-Author of The StockTwits Edge - 40 Actionable Setups from Real Market Pros
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    Joshua Brown Official Account
    This is the personal StockTwits account of Joshua Brown, it is not in any way connected to his vocation or professional designation.
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    Mike Young
    Experienced trader and budding financial journalist
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    Casey Gambuti
    Student at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Quantitative Finance; Summer Analyst at Goldman in Internal Audit.
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    Mike Ryan
    Student of the markets since 1992. Trading full time since 2005. I specialize in options strategies using both equities and futures. Have taught option strategies to many large groups and individual traders. Trading is my passion!
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    MrBigBuyer is a the kind of trader you cant afford to fade. Typically an equity daytrader occasionally a technically triggered macro swing trader, MrBigBuyer is a london based market connoisseur. Tongue NOT in cheek, well maybe just a little.
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    Anthony S
    best job in the world-trading in my boardshorts - start with the idea that markets are supposed to go up and go from there
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    Recently retired engineer from oil business. Focusing now on volunteer work and trading.
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    Cap Cube
    The Official Verified Account for CapCube, Professional swing trader of: Stocks, Options, etc. Approach combines technicals, fundamentals, sentiment & market timing. For more, see @ CapCube on Twitter. Current View: Exercise Caution
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    Aaron Stachowiak
    #Investment #PortfolioManager #Trading #Indexes #Vix #Currencies #Gold w/ #Futures & #Options.Run #nonprofit n spare time,ToughTimesFoundation http://toughtimes.org www.facebook.com/aaronstachowiaktrade