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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Andrea Calissano
    Former Fund Manager. Founder of thewavetrading.com Traditional Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave guidelines and investor sentiment.
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    Kevin Gould
    DC born but Dallas Raised. Active Trader(equities,options, futures, and blackjack), entrepreneur, and Cowboys fan!! Do not copy my trades blindly(I dont post hedges,exits, stops in real time). Use them for ideas along with YOUR OWN Trading strategy.
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    FREE stock tips, alerts, and analysis. Disclaimer: We are not a registered investment adviser, broker or securities dealer. The information on this website is solely an opinion about stocks and market conditions.
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    Cameron Fous
    Founder and Portfolio Manager of TheTechnicalTrader.net. A real Time Trade Alert service focusing on Swing Trading/Day Trading small to mid caps
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    Phillip Martucci
    I trade butterflies, double diagonals and condors. I trade index options and a handful of equity options.
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    Google Investor
    Google News & GOOG Stock Analysis, visit Google Investor blog link above
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    Apple Reporter
    Apple News & AAPL Stock Analysis, visit Apple Digest blog link above
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    Osprey Port
    Market, Stock, Financial, & Economic News on the Osprey Port Network
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    Solomon Osprey
    Post market & financial news & observations on Twitter via @MatrixMarkets, @OspreyFlyer, @FinConInc, @BoomDoomEconomy, and on blog link above.
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    Dan Dontrose
    Practical views and opinions on current events and the economy from a fundamental standpoint.
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    Breakout Beacon
    BreakoutBeacon.com is designed for the serious trader looking for the fastest feed in the market. Our twitter feed is a 5 second delayed feed of our B-rated stock spike feed. Visit BreakoutBeacon.com for more information
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    Mykal Johncox
    Equity / Equity Derivative Trading, Real Estate
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    Hedge Analyst
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    Jim Sambuka
    Seasoned trader, with a well honed bs detector. Dubbed "The Grinch" by Lindzon, but for the life of me I can't imagine why.
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    Bob Lang
    Bob Lang is a private trader in equity and option markets at his company, Aztec Capital LLC. Through Explosiveoptions.net, Lang acts as an options trading mentor, providing trade ideas based on what he’s doing for his own clients.
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    This is my personal StockTwits account & is not associated with any organization. Posts are not a recommendation to buy or sell securities.
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    Was a Financial Advisor for 14 years..full time trader since 2008,not for fun but to earn a living, be humble and never predict..Learnt earlier on Never fall in love with a Stock!! Once again NEVER !!!
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    Equity options trader, constant student of the markets opportunities through technical setups. Love the leverage and flexibility of options. ~Avid surfer of market and ocean waves ~
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    Suri Duddella
    Suri Duddella, 18+ years full-time Futures/Equities/Options Trader. Patterns based Algorithmic Trading. Author -- "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" book. Blog: http://www.TradeChartPatterns.com
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    alexander lee
    Canadian US Equities Day-Trader.