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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Jeffrey Frichner
    Former trader, stock broker, IB, now serial entrepreneur and co-founder Credential Protection.
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    Strategic Stock Pick
    Strategic Stock Picks - provides the latest insights on the hottest stocks and in the market Strategic Stock Picks - strives to provide you with the stocks alerts in the market in Real-Time!
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    Nilbud Trader
    I am a compensated awareness professional - Not an investment adviser - Be sure to read my disclaimer http://www.stockgoodies.com/terms_of_use.php
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    Mani Mohseni
    Technical Analysis Contributor of Winners Edge Trading.
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    VIP Stocks
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    George Robinson
    I develop, trade & lease automated trading systems for the following E-mini futures markets: $TF_F, $NQ_F, $YM_F, $EMD_F and $ES_F. NZ based. Dad to 3 girls. Nocturnal
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    Rich LoPresti
    Tactical Asset Management.
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    I may or may not be paid to post stocks and all posts are only my opinion. Always do your Due Diligence and never invest or trade more than you are willing to lose. For a Full Disclaimer http://bit.ly/cOtXwM
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    Neno Crvelin
    Hello world! Internet Marketing Organizer and Social Media Optimizator. Work Online in Social Media Optimization (SMO) and their impact to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
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    Actual Gains
    Avoiding the "pump" aspect of the penny stock market, but still finding momentum with ACTUAL companies. No shells and such here...
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    Leo Nguyen
    Master in Info Sys, PeopleSoft Developer, CEO&Founder of Nugen Web Studio, Swing/Day trader.
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    Hamlesh Motah
    Polymath, Serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Talking tech, startups and motorbikes.
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    short term stock operator
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    21st Century IR Inc
    New media IR firm seeking undiscovered public companies with explosive growth potential in industries of interest. Click link above read disclaimer section:
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    Jason Brach
    I Sell Smoked Sausages and Razor Blades Out of the Trunk of my Van
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    Stock Guy
    25 years of experience trading/investing. I'll share my Stock Picks I welcome information, tips and insights! ... Join Newsletter & View Disclaimer: http://stockguytips.blogspot.com/
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    Iris Song
    Equities Portfolio Trader, Research Analyst,Writer in Finance.Love Wall ST,Wealth Creation,Fine Arts,& Champagne.Believe in Buddhism,Compassion, & Philanthropy.
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    Lillian Wong
    For exceptional world-class service! Empower yourself and give yourself the tools you need to succeed!! Mortgage market maven, real estate / economic prognosticator, tech / web enthusiast.
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    Chuck Dukas
    With over 25 years’ experience in trading, Dukas is committed to assisting investors and institutions to maximize profits in up and down markets. Dukas named “One of the "Best & Brightest in Technical Analysis” by Stocks & Commodities magazine.
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    Carol - seeking profit opportunities in both rising & falling markets, tho I prefer the bull side. Founder of a non-profit German Shepherd Rescue and VP of The Seminar Group. I trade using pocket pivots & O'Neil's CANSLIM methods.