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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Thang Nguyen
    Mostly day trade with goal to provide daily income. Capital preservation is the key to survive this market environment. Trading experience 18+ years.
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    Self Made Entrepreneur Financial Advisor, Investment Specialist.... Fast Cars and Cuban Cigars
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    Peter Ghostine
    Founder of 61point8 LLC. My evidence-driven methodology aims to identify and trade high-probability setups from both the long and short sides of the market.
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    Lichartin Chartist
    Equities, Option, Futures Technical Trader ~ I focus on HPS High Probability Set up ** Quality VS Quantity ** https://twitter.com/Lichartin
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    Marc Capaldi
    Twenty years on wall street worked everywhere from fixed income trading to broker to Investment banker. Now swing trading advisor and trader helping working professionals swing profits while at work without eating up time and energy, and your nestegg
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    Nick Pirraglia
    Trading since 1992: Professional Nasdaq Market Making, Prop. and Independent. Stocks and currencies.
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    Ashby Turtle
    I'm just a friend of a friends friend, who happens to know people. There's no such thing as luck ....... It's just putting yourself in an ideal position, taking advantage of any given situation, at any given moment.
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    Green Lantern
    In brightest day, in blackest night, No mispriced stock shall escape my sight. Let those who oppose what price is right, Beware my DD...Green Lantern's light!
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    Money Maker
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    Sang Lucci
    Focus is on tape reading and momentum stocks using both out of the money and in the money options close to expiration. Check out the site for options education!
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    Don Detweiler
    BioTech trader - primarily on runup plays around FDA decision and clinical trial dates.
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    I swing trade and day trade stocks, options, and forex with a technical analysis approach. I like to incorporate volume and momentum in my studies. I like to play stocks w/ good financials.
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    David Blair
    Simple charts that track price is all that matters. Don't complicate it with a bunch of technical non-sense. Opinions only.
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    chris lau
    Investor and researcher on stocks likely to generate positive returns.
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    Private Pro FX Wanna-be
    ♣ Private Professional Forex Trader Wanna-be. 4.416 yrs in FX. I try to Scalp 20Pips aDay for "Daily Bread", to catch a Daytrade, to a Swing, to create Positions. Follow me & I'll Follow you too, if you're a REAL person & not a SCAMMER service.
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    james altucher Official Account
    I'm devoted to honesty, as corny as that sounds.
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    Matt Davio
    Former Fund Manager and Trader for multiple funds and Medical Device Sales/MGMT/Marketing
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    Dominic Rivera
    2006 Times Person of the Year
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    Dan Reich
    Entrepreneur in NYC. Started a few companies. Sold a few companies. Value investing when I can.