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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Official page
    FOREX IDOL â„¢ - this is professional, trading recommendation.
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    Felix Frey
    Creator of MyOptionsGeek.com. Also, the Head Options Trader at Scoggin Capital Management.
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    Jared Johnson
    Full time forex trader running a trade group and specializing in short term forex profits!
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    DayTrader/Swing Trader. Post the Early Bird Report each morning as an extension of my homework and prep for the trading day.
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    I've managed a Prop trading desk. I have tought my trading philosophy and chart skills to some of the best day traders imo, I have refocused my attention to small and micro cap moves and look to make big hits in this arena.*Not Recommendations.
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    Entrepreneur/FX Trader. Options too.
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    Trading Options and Sharing Ideas. Creative Financial Solutions Inspire Me. Strategic Financial Planning and Mortgage Specialist .
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    Adomas Kucinskas
    FX trader, IT profesional. Trading manually and using robots. Experience - 3 years. Also can write any forex trading robot. Developing websites.
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    Chris Chen
    25+ Year Trader of Forex, Futures, Options and Equities. Former CEO and advisor to many large traders. Usually trade 6 to 7 figures based on our key indicators lining up. Motto. "Trade what you see...not what you hear"
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    Quantts Managed Forex Account
    Quantts trades the Forex Market, based on proprietary quantitative models. Our aim is to make consistent returns every month. There is no secret in our success: Consistent model trading. info@quantts.com
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    Bo Friis
    Pairs trader on FX, Swing trader on stocks. Using a forex pair-trading system based on statistical arbitrage
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    Adam Jowett
    Full time trader, start-up partner, cancer conqueror, triathlete, wannabe Ironman, father, husband, human.
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    Jay Meisler
    Jay Meisler is a co-founder of Global-View.com, the leading forex discussion site since 1997 and home of the original forex forum, where traders from around the globe come for the latest breaking news, flows, rumors and trading ideas,
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    Trader, Investor, Advisor, World Traveler.
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    Greg Michalowski
    Chief Currency and Trading Analyst for FXDD. Author of "Attacking Currency Trends" . To order my book at a discount, please order from www.attackingcurrencytrends.com . Use discount code twit for a 10% discount.
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    Richard Crockett
    Stock market Technical trader - publisher stock market website, comprehensive weekly newsletter - daily video of break out or break down stocks. Site has live chat room with experienced traders. Twitter - http://twitter.com/stocktiger
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    Federico Germán Moral Iadarola
    Link People, Link Trades | Stocks - Futures - Options - ETFs - Swing & DayTrading Ideas
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    Nikola Broceta
    Forex trader since 2001. Stock broker since 2003. Portfolio manager since 2005.
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    I have been a FX pro for 35 years, half of that time in a senior executive capacity with a major European bank and half of the time trading on my own. I do not manage client funds.
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    Seasonal Trend
    Seasonal Trend is the medium through which traders and individual investors will receive signals for high probability; high yield trades in Stocks, Forex and ETFs traded on all the major US exchanges.