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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    TAO L.
    Hi, I'm a full time investor/trader. Beside rigorous studies&work I like to travel, spend time w/ family&dog. 75% fund. 20% tech. 5% gut analysis! Indifference about any opinions, here for facts. Well rounded and can adapt to changing markets.
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    biren patel
    I swing trade stocks and options. Respect market randomness & manage risk, the rest will take care of itself.
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    Luci Skydyme
    Stocks, Futures & Rock n Roll. Let the charts speak. When they lie, cut your losses.
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    Lee Noles
    Age 40 Owner of LH Noles & Co Inc. (Commercial Construction) S & P Futures Trader. Grew up in Smyrna, GA Married to Maria-Teacher; 2 Kids -Parker 10, Anna-8. FUN FACTS: Went to High School with Julia Roberts. Discovered John Mayer.
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    Mark Michel
    Insurance Professional specializing with helping business owners. Former Investment Advisor trading since 1993 & futures since 2007. Using EOTpro indicators & Ninga Trader. CRHinsurance.com
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    Kai Whitney
    VC to Private Equity to Bulge Bracket IB to Prop Desk to Trading for myself, finally!
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    NQ Trader Jay
    3 years trading index futures, I no longer even like NQ & rarely ever trade it, I am really focusing now on $YM_F and $ES_F but I watch 6A,B,C,E, ZN,ZB,DX,TF,NQ, & ZC,W,S.
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    Lanier Bridges
    X Pro Athlete Looking to learn options and futures
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    Manic Trader
    Day Trader, Web site owner and Founder of ManicTraders LLC. I love to chart stocks and post picks for members and alerts at no charge.. I am neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. For a Full Disclaimer http://bit.ly/cOtXwM
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    Josh Belanger
    Active trader in the options and stock market. I help traders with coaching and trade ideas from following unusual money flow into options and stocks
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    John Sebastian
    Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, Daytrader, E-mini, oex "Followers Market Toolbox (see link below)" U: chris P: oex
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    Bill Henner
    30 year financial industry vet. Long time floor trader at the CME and CBOT Now a market analyst, educator and trader.
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    Kyle Kaechele
    Online software solutions executive, ES mini and stock trader.
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    Richard Milford
    MBA risk management and insurance studied finance and political science
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    Lawrence Silverberg
    Podiatric surgeon, options & futures trader, and all around good guy, not necessarily in that order!
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    Jeremy Veum
    Trading is my passion. I trade mostly $ES_F as well as gold and silver and various ETF's. I love to talk shop...feel free to message me anytime!
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    Matthew Curran
    Opera Singer by night, Trader by day.
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    Execute market orders to trade momentum attempting to ride trends long and short
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    Magister Pips
    Forex and Futures Trader, Computer Programmer, Business Owner
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    stock apple
    Free Stock Screener, Stock Quotes, Stock Articles, Stochastic \ Volume Oscillator stock tools across the NASDAQ and NYSE