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We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !


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    Investazor.com is a educational targeted website that brings market analysis, trade setups and many more to investors and traders.
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    Full Time Trader. Mostly swing trades via stock & options.
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    Devon Graham

    Self-Educated during High-School. Taught myself trading at the age of 17 in the yr 2012. I trade mainly binary options, equities, and my fav: Forex 24/7
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    Trading for 6 years after being on the CME floor for 15 years. I am mostly a swing trader using time frames measured in hours up to a few days. I start with fundamentals and sharpen my market view with technical divergences to find a trade.
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    william ben

    Forex trader,on technical analysis
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    Pip Trap

    For Hire...Pure Forex Trader, Not a Quant, Sometimes Wrong, Often Right, Capital & Leverage Control Required in Order to Become Wealthy Inside a Tokyo-London-or-New York Minute.
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    Kenneth Kam

    Kenneth is a Professional Forex Strategist. He is the author of "Double Your Capital Every Month" a book on his Forex Strategy that is about to be published (Q2, 2014). Kenneth is from Singapore but lives in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand.
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    RuVu Capital

    FX Asset Management/Forex Managed Accounts/Trading con i Volumi e Tape Reading-Mentoring/Coaching-Blog: http://ruvucapital.blogspot.com
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    Lefty Gekko

    .If you want to make some $ in the Hungarian Stock Exchange...contact with me NOW! $INSIDER$
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    Lunga Bhengu

    Investment Analyst at Consilium Capital. Former fund manager at LCM
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    Pavel Parushev

    Hedge Fund Manager at Atosark Fund Management, Foreign Exchange & Commodities Trader, Quantitative Currency Strategist and Analyst
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    Radomir Basta

    User acquisition manager at TradeCrowd, trader and tattoo fan. In love with social aspects of trading and in constant pursuit of the perfect trade.
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    Social Trading Platform

    Social Trading platform that connects you to the latest market information, trading ideas and news about instruments you care about. http://tradecrowd.com/
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    Desk Free Trading

    I am currently demo-ing brand new automated trading software to execute my trading strategies around the clock. It requires no coding experience, is not an EA and was created to be used by any trader that wants to trade like a professional.
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    Fox Wave Trading

    A unique approach to global markets, visit the website for more free information. Primarily we are looking for a group of traders to scan global markets together using the fox wave trading technique. At the moment max 100 traders.
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    Eden Hall Global Capital Co., Ltd are helping large amount of Chinese good projects doing listing in overseas and financing. More details about our projects visit: www.ehclglobal.com
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    Introduced to fx trading by my hubby, and to date just loving it, the good and the bad lol! Joined this site after visiting Raghee Horner's website hoping to keep up to date with her ideas on trading.
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    Jacqueline Kelly

    I am a Forex trader by profession. I know the strategy of online trading. There's no secret to get success in this trading but just to be aware of current trends of market. The time I spend on it makes me feel that I was rewarded for that.
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    Forex Trader
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    Equity & Option Swing Trader