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Strong focus on data analysis (volume, ...) Belgian beers are the best


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    Bendro Bidow
    Hi! I am using ST to share my true own opinion with the aim to get some feedback and to get known something new. I don't play games, I invest real money for periods between 1 week and 3 months. Thank you for your comments and ideas!
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    Michael Sofly
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    Raphael Aglietti
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    Capital Market Laboratories
    Capital Market Laboratories (CML) harnesses the power of visual & 'living' data to support investment decisions.
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    Ophir Gottlieb Official Account
    CEO @CapitalMarketLabs. @Benzinga and @MarketWatch Contributor. EMD Research, Gov. Investors. Ex-Option Market Maker. MS Stanford Math, Movie Maker, Animal & Ice Cream Lover.
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    Ralph Jurman
    I work as a senior advisor in the energy market, short trades, bear scalping. Also EVERYONE here is CATFISHING. My name is made up & picture computer generated, just like everyone else. Trust NO one
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    Carol Minarcik
    I look for Hot Stocks and Distressed Stocks...........Right Place at the Right Time! "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence". Mark Twain
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    Conference Call Transcripts
    One-stop shop for all company conference call transcripts
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    Breakout expert with stock options , focusing on 100% to 300% gains within a 1 to 4 week time period. Take the PowerTriggerTrade test and become a Chart Witness Follower ask me how.
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    It's a mistake to blindly follow anyone, including "experts" and media. I've been too greedy and too fearful. Learning candlesticks, watching RSI. Mistakes can be great teachers. Disclaimer: My musings are ideas, not investment advice.
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    Darrell Kublick
    Two stocks with charts showing their candles, 4 ma's, 2 trendlines. That is all you need to be a successful trader. No watchlists, no level 2 or 3, no news, no volume, no bookviewer. Gmail mail me for info.
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    Michael Z
    Entrepreneur, Engineer, Stock trader
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    At the moment - focusing on biotech startups in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. Trading mostly ETF and ETN. Beside rigorous studies&work I like to travel, spend time w/ fam&dog (love animals). 2011, Currier House! ✌️
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    In I.T. since 1992, a husband since 1994, a father since 2000, amateur composer, & passionate about personal finance & trading the markets since I can remember.
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    James Jay
    I'm 27 years old. Hopefully, investing early in life will allow me to further invest in my family, my friends, and my community now and in the future.
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    Darcy Keith Official Account
    Darcy Keith is Investment Editor of Canada's Globe and Mail and has covered financial markets for 23 years. He was previously Yahoo Canada's senior finance editor, Canwest's national biz editor, and a correspondent for Knight-Ridder Financial News.
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    Derek P
    I am a salesman and a swing trader
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    Lana Smirnoff
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    Vasilios Lambos
    Industrial and interaction design major. Focusing on long term innovation in sustainable technologies.
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    Alexander Tran
    Swing Trader specializing in momentum stocks, achieving over 150% return in 3 months. Strategy based on breakouts and reversal trades.