Reggie Noble Joined Aug 28, 2013

CFA, FRM, Math degree - Spent years working as an Investment risk analyst with Multi-billion dollar firms. "Only those actively profiting from raliies and crashes will survive.." - Reggie

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $APRI
    Apricus Biosciences, Inc.
  2. $HTS
    Hatteras Financial Corp
  3. $FLEX
    Flextronics International Ltd.
  4. $PT
    Portugal Telecom SGPS SA
  5. $HXM
    Homex Development Corp.
  6. $TWO
    Two Harbors Investment Corp.
  7. $DVAX
    Dynavax Technologies Corporation
  8. $GROW
    U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
  9. $TC
    Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc.
  10. $BEBE
    Bebe Stores, Inc.
  11. $FOLD
    Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
  12. $WHX
    Whiting USA Trust I
  13. $CKSW
    ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.
  14. $SDS
    ProShares UltraShort S&P500
  15. $SVU
  16. $EXC
    Exelon Corp.
  17. $EDR
    Education Realty Trust Inc.
  18. $MEET
    MeetMe Inc.
  19. $ELON
    Echelon Corporation
  20. $INTC
    Intel Corporation