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    Captor Xnguile
    Blue Horseshoe Loves Teldar Paper. I Use Seeking Alpha Articles For Toilet Paper, Avoid Stocks Manipulated by Cramer & I created the "Pinch" = PPO over ADX = High Reliability-Bullish Reversal Chart Set. Check Out Day Trading Radio: I LIKE TO ROCK
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    Gary Rational
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    Rupam Shrivastava
    Rupam is an IIT, MIT, Berkeley, Columbia alum with a CFA, CAIA and FRM. He started Euthenia as an investor's club to trade options with fully documented trades. Our returns are at 21% annualized compared to 6% of S&P (as of 24 July 2015)
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    T. Bender
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    Kanbarsky André Owczarczak, a unique 3D TA platform with straigthforward indicators (Trend, Targets, Risk ) & backtesting available. All information presented on this StockTwits feed is solely for informational/educational purposes. Try us for Free today
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    Wall Street 24 provides company’s latest news, in order to assist investors as trading decisions based on news developments are nothing new.
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    Jack Ryan
    Everything oil, investing, and economics. Follow me on twitter @RyanOilUSA
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    Sebastian J.
    I am a passionate value investor. DCF, EBIT and Graham Valuation, are my main tools to assess fair values. You will also find me posting net-nets or cigar butts as Benjamin Graham would say. Feel free to suggest me interesting stocks to analyse!
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    Kictube Youtube free video share network
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    Lloyd Cox
    Home of the 100K OPTIONS CHALLENGE that doesn't charge $599/mo. Watch as a professional options trader turns 3k into 100k. Mentoring available on both stock and options.
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    John L. Bair
    All my post are my opinion only. They are not a recomendation to buy or sell a security. Do your own Due Diligence and Trade Responsibly.
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    Aj Marsalla
    "Greed gets you in, & pain takes you out." -Striving to become just like Warren Buffet. Long-term, responsible, exponential growth. BABY!
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    tina stars
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    Sourcingstocks does not transact in the securities herein mentioned. .Do your own due diligence or seek appropriate accredited advice before investing in anything
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    Asad Raza
    Enthusiastic stock analyst and day trader. I specialize in discovering and trading undervalued penny stocks! Risk management is key!
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    David Brown
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    Tradespoon Official Account
    Former OptionsXpress Chief of Technology, providing daily stock and options picks with entry and exit points. Recommended by Barron's. Picks based on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis. Try us for Free today.
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    Unicorn Bay
    Easy a personal finance tool for non-professional investors
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    Siva Kasi
    Trading Investing Sharing Learning. Twits are Just Twits not recommendations from me. God Bless ALL Bulls and Bears!! Yes! Very Passionate!!!!! Hunt goes on with relentless quest!! Knowledge is the only Universal Truth and is Power.