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StockTwits organizes conversations around the $TICKER tag (i.e. $AAPL) into “streams,” making it easy to find ideas and information. Search for stocks, explore trending tickers and follow links to the stream of a related stock or an individual user. Anyone can get started by exploring and following the conversation.

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Create an account on StockTwits to customize your experience. You can “follow” both specific users and specific stocks to create a custom Home Stream of just the information you are interested in. Trending Tickers, the Suggested list of users, and Discovery Tools all help you find people and stock tickers to follow. You can reply to or share messages you find interesting, immediately joining the conversation

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Share Ideas

Anyone can contribute their ideas on StockTwits. Simply state your idea in 140 characters or less, add links, charts and other information, and tag it with $TICKER or $$ (general financial interest). Your message is instantly shared on StockTwits, across the StockTwits Distribution Network and, if you choose, directly to your linked Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

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The Basics

7 Tips for Being Awesome on StockTwits

Avatar phil d303c46df0f9d8fa2e606c524d734f68fcb907f006f635ae3c3711e97afcc4fd by ppearlman

Here are some tips on how to most effectively message on StockTwits. We have been watching the stream closely since day one and we know what the best of the best do to build resp ... more

Get Discovered on the StockTwits Platform

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Using The StockTwits Platform will increase your audience (to the financial world where it counts) by 21% or more and this number is growing with every content partner we add. ... more

Introducing The StockTwits Discovery Tool

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StockTwits has created a powerful discovery tool for our community to use to help you find great people to follow. We call it The StockTwits Discovery Tool and you will notice it in several ... more

StockTwits: Some tips on using it and to avoid abusing it

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This post has been a long time coming. I have been pretty active on StockTwits this year, though nowhere as active as I would have liked but trading is not my full time job, and I think it is ... more

Streamlining Your Desktop with the StockTwits Pop Out Stream

Avatar phil d303c46df0f9d8fa2e606c524d734f68fcb907f006f635ae3c3711e97afcc4fd by ppearlman

The StockTwits Pop Out Stream is an easy way to streamline your desktop, save space, maintain StockTwits functionality and follow the streams you want. So clever and simple to use! ... more

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