David Akhimien Joined Apr 25, 2012

The majority of the stocks I mention are for short term profits. I work at a 3 to 1 risk reward relationship. I love utilizing technical analysis, which is the basis for my trade decisions.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BAS
    Basic Energy Services, Inc.
  2. $REN
    Resolute Energy Corporation
  3. $CVM
    CEL-SCI Corp.
  4. $ACST
    Acasti Pharma Inc.
  5. $CYRN
    CYREN Ltd.
  6. $ENZN
    Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  7. $SNSS
    Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  8. $ECTE
    Echo Therapeutics, Inc.
  9. $CBST
    Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  10. $PGN
    Progress Energy Inc.
  11. $SZYM
  12. $IMRS
    IMRIS, Inc.
  13. $DSS
    Document Security Systems, Inc.
  14. $ZNGA
  15. $PVG
    Pretium Resources Inc.
  16. $KWK
    Quicksilver Resources Inc.
  17. $PAL
    North American Palladium Ltd.
  18. $APT
    Alpha Pro Tech Ltd.
  19. $GST
    Gastar Exploration, Ltd.
  20. $NOR
    Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.