shawn Joined Mar 25, 2013

broke but not homeless, yet. Famous for paying premiums on options only to let that evil Greek btch Theta devour them.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $RIG
    Transocean Ltd.
  2. $INUV
    Inuvo Inc.
  3. $NE
    Noble Corp.
  4. $PGN
    Paragon Offshore plc
  5. $NSPH
    Nanosphere, Inc.
  6. $CPRX
    Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.
  7. $HK
    Halcon Resources Corp.
  8. $SYPR
    Sypris Solutions Inc.
  9. $TTNP
    Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  10. $URZ
    Uranerz Energy Corp.