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    Jan Feigus Joined Jul 21, 2010


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      *~ Japanese Artist in San Francisco. Trading stocks supports my struggling artist life to pay rent and free spirit to keep painting only following to pure inner world in me~*
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      Mark Kantardziski
      this is my public profile used to work in industry - am now solo I will never ask for followers - my watchlist is almost entirely immaterial regarding current positions - ST friends, to be, and yet to be, be empathetic, I will let you in
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      Ryan J Davidson
      A venturer who seeks opportunities all over WS as passive income. Aggressive short seller and long position trader whose trades are based on momentum, technicals, and historical price action. Always short UVXY. Started in 2012. Thanks for the follow!
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      Mr. Moniology
      Aspiring Market Wizard. Loving father and husband. Subscribe to for daily market snapshots and long-term breakout (and breakdown) stocks. Strong opinions loosely held.
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      Eddie A
      In for quick profits, able to accept marginal losses before they become disasters. Sticking to my rules and averaging about +15% every week. I NEVER short a stock.
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      I trade the most profitable risk/reward scenarios, both long and short. Prudential Securities, 14 yrs trading. MCSE, former National IT Manager. One of most accurate on ST/TWTR. Check my posts, which are not investment advice. Invest at your own risk
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      #PTcrew - Small business owner . Follow/DM your email if you'd like breakout notifications and watchlists from our chatroom. GENERAL ROOM IS FREE!
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      #PTcrew - Insurance Broker w/ a background in Finance & Economics. Follow/DM your email if you'd like breakout notifications and watchlists from our chatroom!
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      Cameron Baker
      College Trader. Daily alerts, watchlists, and analysis. Aim to maximize profits and take small losses.
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      TAOD = Trade at your Own Discretion.
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      Rooney Muscle Trading
      Began challenge with $2k! Each day I rolled entire account on 1 stock and sold next day. $8415 (420%) in 2 months (35 overnight trades) PUBLIC RECORD! Next Training October 23. Get my TOP OVERNIGHT PICKS EVERYDAY/month for only $50!
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      Katherine Blue
      The value of money would be founded in the intrinsic insight of those who dare it's propensity to wealth & freedom through wisdom & strategy.
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      Please read my disclaimer I concentrate mainly on End Of Day / Over Night Plays! Follow Me for My EOD Alerts! Cheers
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      Zsolt Mokos
      Yes,the tattoo is mine :) Have been trading since 2009, looking for hot, oversold,momentum stocks -day - and swing trading -The entire market is a pump & dump
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      19| creative entrepreneur, trader that loves Charting - Technical-analysis and fundamentals with a risk-management plan! * Creating young-traders to help! * Due Diligence = Profitable Trades Patience = Never taking unneeded Losses
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      Profits McTrade
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      Antonio Costa
      I am a 42 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      Nick Glavina
      I'm the newbie buying 5 shares of a small cap stock. I want to learn from your successes and your mistakes.
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      Technical Analysis- Tools to provide discipline for buying and selling. Discipline creates an environment that reduces the risk of emotional trading while increasing odds for success. No guarantees implied with my charts!
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      Bill Gunderson Official Account
      President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Host of nationally syndicated Best Stocks Now Radio Hour. Inventor of Best Stocks Now app. Frequent contributor to Fox, CNBC, Marketwatch & TheStreet.