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    Jay Joined Jul 10, 2013


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      Moderator of WinningTrades4U. POSTING LIVE STOCK MARKET ALERTS DAILY. Have a dream? you have to protect it. If you want something, go get it. Period. #Passion #Motivation #Inspiration
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      John F.
      Full time game designer, part time trader. Quality set ups, take profits, $TUDY hard. Short term momentum / swing trader.
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      Plan The Trade and Trade The Plan (PTT/TTP) #KTcrew Follow us all!
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      Warrior Trading
      In the Warrior Trading chat room we review the market and trade the biggest movers every day! Join here: Disclaimer:
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      My team and I are the best out there to finding breakout and spikes. We are keen on maximizing our profits. Join our chatroom with our link **BELOW** for FREE and start winning today.
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      Sean Dekmar
      Sign up to before September 1st and receive a Free Two Week Trial! We look forward to seeing you in chat!
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      •DayTrader •LongTermInvestor •CommodityInvestor ✨⛏Learning to take whats on the table not trying to get greedy here I prefer to catch it on the dip then chase Its not about timing the market⌛️but Time in the market✨
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      Rooney Muscle Trading
      Began challenge with $2k! Each day I rolled entire account on 1 stock and sold next day. $8415 (420%) in 2 months (35 overnight trades) PUBLIC RECORD! Next Training October 23. Get my ALERTS via SMS & EMAIL & CHAT ROOM ACCESS for only $50/month!
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      Mistakes is what makes us human. Flaws is what makes us mortal. Errors is what makes us alive. The things that we do wrong have an impact on us. Striving to learn, to correct, and to overcome these obstacles will empower us to achieve great things
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      Micky Edwards
      Stay at home Investor, Always learning, Mainly use Charts to make informed decisions on my trades. In a stock I look for Three things, Technical analysis, Momentum, And Growth. I play Short Term trades Support here: PayPal.Me/MickyEdwards
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      Thoughtful analysis with no emotions, I never fall in love with a stock and I dump losers quick.
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      Alex, WT4U Founder
      Follow along with hand-written WL's every M/W/F, OR take the leap into the 5% of Winning Traders via WT4U Online Community TODAY! Secure a 2-Day Trial-Risk Free! All Posts Opinionated. Free Market Alerts via @AlphaAnalyst. Do your own DD to Win!
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      Robert Alexander
      Robert Alexander, better known as ‘Alex’ in trading forums, has been a full time trader for over a decade. Focusing on breakouts and volume, developing a unique view of charting that has served him extremely well.
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      Hollie Ritter
      Strictly a momentum trader, all my picks come from @BlackBoxStocks. Happy trading, everyone!
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      Secret Stock Society
      Our room provides alerts AND education for Penny Stocks, Momentum Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETF's. Our specialty is looking for the best set ups and sharing them in real time. | Voice Feature | Click the link below, and join the chat today!
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      All In Capital
      handle derived from the biggest trade I went into, all in on one ticker. #AIC my money my trades and definitely not yours.
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      Stock Market Samurai - Chart Coach - Technical Analyst - Please Checkout - Free 10 Day Trial - join the chat for real time stock market charts & educational information - watch MyChartCoach YouTube channel
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      SurgeAdmin Nick
      I am a Day Trader at heart, swing trader because I know it's smart. Come and join Surge Traders to collaborate with like minded traders about strategies and trade ideas. I alert my actual entries/exits via trading room & SMS, mentoring too!
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      Will To Trade
      We live to Day Trade. We love to share ideas with other active traders. We pour over charts, stats, earnings, news, etc. Day Trading is what keeps us going. Go to our site + join our chat room. Fill out the form and get into our room for FREE today.