John Starks Joined May 03, 2012


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    fil magnoli
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    Alex Alvarez
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    Jiza Man
    Just an avid market observer, a learner of all things, self-taught, fun, young professional. No Professional Advise. Just for fun.
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    Shelley Ephraim
    Portfolio/Investment Manager at AST Personal Wealth....born in St. Croix USVI and raised in the Bronx. Proud husband and new daddy. "Have more winners than losers is the key"
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    Mark Goldsmith
    Long positions in stock and ETFs. Love to buy stocks that are beaten down undeservedly, and small long term multibaggers.
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    Kevin Mey
    Long term investor. Looking for verified profitable companies with low risks. The companies I invest in have a combination of proven science and steady income. My research is extensive and comes from a medical backround.
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    Streetwise Reports
    Focused on the precious metals, energy, life sciences and other metals sectors. Streetwise Reports features the leading investment coverage of gold, oil, uranium, biotech, pharma, rare earths, alternative energy, silver, platinum, medtech & potash.
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