John O'Neill Joined May 05, 2013

I look for companies with reasonable valuations & most importantly share price momentum! Most of my focus is on Canadian equities.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BYD-UN-CA
    Boyd Group Inc Tr Uts
  2. $HWO-CA
    High Arctic Engy Inc
  3. $NLN-CA
    Neulion Inc
  4. $ESP-CA
    Espial Group Inc. J
  5. $EH-CA
    Easyhome Ltd
  6. $DEE-CA
    Delphi Energy Cp
  7. $PRW-CA
    Petrowest Corp. Cl A
  8. $MBX-CA
    Microbix Biosystems Inc
  9. $MG-CA
    Magna International, Inc.
  10. $SVC-CA
    Sandvine Corp J
  11. $PLI-CA
    Prometic Life J
  12. $CFN-CA
    Carfinco Financial Group Inc.
  13. $ITP-CA
    Intertape Polymer Grp Inc
  14. $PSD-CA
    Pulse Seismic Inc
  15. $DND-CA
    Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc
  16. $SUM-CA
    Solium Capital Inc
  17. $AVO-CA
    Avigilon Corporation
  18. $MTY-CA
    Mty Food Group Inc.
  19. $HNL-CA
    Horizon Nth Logstc J
  20. $SU-CA
    Suncor Energy Inc