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    grace slick
    What can I do 4 U ? I m offering u a unique price level for a financial instrument arising from its history of prices followed by a huge move just-in-time! THEREFORE : BUY FAR ABOVE THIS LEVEL AND SELL FAR BELOW THIS LEVEL.
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    Mr. Bowden
    Young man, with a dream, and making it tangible
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    Justice "Jack" Litle Official Account
    Mercenary Trader: Timely market commentary, valuable resources for current and aspiring traders, awesome interviews and free special reports, high quality materials on the psychology, theory and practice of trading, and more.
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    Private Pro FX Wanna-be
    ♣ Private Professional Forex Trader Wanna-be. 4.416 yrs in FX. I try to Scalp 20Pips aDay for "Daily Bread", to catch a Daytrade, to a Swing, to create Positions. Follow me & I'll Follow you too, if you're a REAL person & not a SCAMMER service.
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    Ron- Ryan
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    Gary Lee
    A private trader using both fundamental and technical analysis in stock-picking. I am a working as an capital markets apprentice at an boutique investment bank on Wall Street. I am targeting to share my trading ideas through technical analysis.
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    Brandon Beasley
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    I believe that markets are about psycology as much are they are about technicals and fundemetals. The discount mechanism of a trade and price is a key element of interpreting the causality.
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    Sheldon McIntyre Official Account
    360° Virtual Advisor Live Founder - Access real-time trades, daily trade recommendations and market intelligence at 360° Virtual Advisor Live.
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    Samuel Liebler
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    Chris Burba, CMT Official Account
    Author, Market Technician at miAnalysis, Inc. I started my career in markets in 1999 and analyze stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex and commodities. Comments are not recommendations. Lucky husband, proud father. Future Ironman.
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    losing is not an option
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    Stocks Options Forex
    Staying consistent & disciplined is key. Always identify your R/R & think where others R/R could be as well. Don't over-complicate things! -> Buy support, sell resistance. Charts are simple. All my trades are TA based.
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    Big Ben
    Likes helicopters.
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    Jerry Khachoyan
    Day trader. Markets. Macro. Musings. Armenian. LA Native. UCLA Grad.
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    John L
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    Brendon Chan
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    Michael Boutros Official Account
    Michael Boutros is a Trader / Currency Strategist specializing in FX markets with years of experience on FX Trade Desks. Currently, Michael is a Currency Strategist with DailyFX & Co-Founder of SB Trade Desk - Risk Disclaimer: http://goo.gl/CR5SFz
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    ayman khliefat
    Full time Commodities , Indices and FX trader متداول مستقل في اسواق الفوريكس والاسهم والطاقة