Justin Jarvinen Joined Apr 21, 2014

Entrepreneur and President of an innovation agency, product developer, strategist. Trade for long term retirement and short term fun. Working on a strategy that seems to be working so far....

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BRK-B
    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  2. $KIOR
  3. $PCLN
    priceline.com Incorporated
  4. $MNGA
    Magnegas Corporation
  5. $ICLD
    InterCloud Systems, Inc.
  6. $YOD
    YOU On Demand Holdings Inc.
  7. $GLUU
    Glu Mobile, Inc.
  8. $GRPN
  9. $IBM
    International Business Machines Corp.
  10. $BWP
    Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
  11. $ZNGA
  12. $HIMX
    Himax Technologies, Inc.
  13. $EFII
    Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
  14. $XONE
  15. $PLUG
    Plug Power Inc.
  16. $NLST
    Netlist Inc.
  17. $ISR
    IsoRay, Inc.
  18. $IRBT
    iRobot Corporation
  19. $BHI
    Baker Hughes Incorporated
  20. $GDP
    Goodrich Petroleum Corp.