John Woodhams Joined Jun 19, 2011

I've been trading for a few years now, I know more than a novice but still consider myself one. I am always looking for new things to read about the art of trading and people to swap ideas with; However, I'm very selective of who I will follow.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BIDU
    Baidu, Inc.
  2. $STUDY
    StockTwits Education
  3. $EXK
    Endeavour Silver Corp.
  4. $SBUX
    Starbucks Corporation
  5. $LNKD
  6. $DJIA
    Dow Jones Industrial Index
  7. $DIA
    SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average
  8. $CARB
    Carbonite, Inc
  9. $NFLX
    Netflix, Inc.
  10. $LTM
    Life Time Fitness Inc.
  11. $MWW
    Monster Worldwide, Inc.
  12. $RL
    Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.
  13. $AAPL
    Apple Inc.