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Musician, Active Trader. Reading the Music of the Markets, One Crescendo at a Time. Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F.Hutton alum, keep listening.


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    alireza azimi
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    Yani Zhyngas
    Not a perma bear or bull. Trade the price action with a close look at the technicals. Finance degree from Cal Poly. 15 years trading.
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    UDForex offers Free Real Time Quotes, Portfolio, Streaming Charts, Financial News, Live Stock Market Data and more
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    Ron Morin
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    Jason G
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    StockTwits housing blogger. Opinions here are entirely that of TheBasisPoint and no other company is responsible for its contents.
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    DarvasTrader is the home of the Nicolas Darvas stock trading system. is written and published by Darrin Donnelly.
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    WBP Online
    World Business Press Online (WBP Online) strives to enable every trader — from an individual new to the scene to an experienced member of a larger brokerage firm — to make the most educated market moves especially on the forex & commodities markets.