lino demarchi Joined Aug 30, 2013

Emini Futures trader. Trend trader. Technical.


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    Zachery Dyke

    20 Years Old. Sharing Ideas and Educating Traders.
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    Steven Spencer

    Prop trader and co-founder of SMB Capital and SMBU. Focus is intraday and swing. Will add some position trading in 2014.
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    Breaking news, live market updates, and Real-Time broadcasts straight from the trading floor of the CBOT & NYMEX, S&P, Emini, Grains, Softs, Metals, Forex, Bonds, and Energies
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    Full time equity and options trader. Chart guy.
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    George Trad

    I've immersed myself into the investing and trading world for over two years now. I am very passionate about it and love every minute of the trading day. I'm always analyzing charts, looking at trends and any buying opportunities that may arise.
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    Jay Tamez

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    Futures Magazine

    News, analysis and strategies for futures, options, forex and stock traders by Ginger Szala, Dan Collins & Michael McFarlin
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    Michel Julien

    Been actively trading since 1999. Last two years, I concentrated exclusively on crude oil futures $CL_F. I only used technical analysis to enter and exit the market. Trading hours: 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM. Love music and work out 3 times a week. Married.
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    Claude G. Beaudoin

    Avid stock investor and Forex trader. I trade based on technical analysis and price action. I love to share and help others with TA based trading.
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    David Busick

    I do one thing and I do it very well; precise Fibonacci entry levels on any futures contract,equity or option. Founder and CEO of The 'Tater Sack Thong Co. Lover of the blues; Muddy, Howlin, BB, Lightin', Buddy, KWS ..
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    Haki Hika

    Maori. Trader. Leader. Managing $10,000,000 portfolio in real time.
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    Joseph James

    Professional Trader and Mentor. Specializing intra-day moves on the Gold, Crude, Euro and Russell. I run a live trade room, opens @ 8:00am EST each day M-F. 800.381.2084 Skype: SchoolOfTrade http://www.SidewaysMarkets.com
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    Jeremy Chang

    I'm a mixture of both a momentum and technical trader. I try to use the least amount of indicators as possible whilst trying to focus mainly on price action. For now, I trade the $ES_F exclusively. You can view my charts at youngmania.tumblr.com!