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    lee Joined Oct 05, 2013

    If your not using charts you are driving blind.


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      Hun Jae Chung
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      Roberto Pedone
      Trendfollower trader (independent), senior contributor for & Chart reading junkie. Pattern recognition chart player. Day/swing trader. Love small caps. Give me a catalyst! Follow me on TWITTER for all posts @zerosum24
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      Swing Trade Alerts
      Hello world.
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      My team and I are the best out there to finding breakout and spikes. We are keen on maximizing our profits. Join our chatroom with our link **BELOW** for FREE and start winning today.
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      ESP Trading
      Give us a month and we'll enhance your trading. Leave emotions and bias out of day/swing trading with our stock picks to buy and sell stocks. High probability trades sent real-time by Text message and Email.
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      BreakOut Alerts
      Click below to view our profile. Then you can get signed up to receive our free BreakOut Alerts. They are of high EPS and RS ranked stocks which are breaking out of sound technical bases.
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      Get Instant Access to Today's Top BreakOuts and Also Our Watch List That Contains High EPS and RS Ranked Stocks That Looked Poised to BreakOut.
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      The StockDragon Group
      The SwingVector 8.0 Vectored Amplitude Dispersion Ranges, and Next Trading Session Candle Stick High / Low Range Potentials correlate easily with any Fibonacci or Elliot Wave Forecast. Vectors A,B,C, and Range Dispersions, Provide Entertainment Only.
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      Swing Trade Warrior
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Ace Serve
      My posts are not qualified opinions nor advices of any kind. If you follow, you could LOSE ALL MONEY.
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      Swing Play
      I am a day trader..Making Profit via Swing Trade!! Always do your HomeWork/Analysis its your money!!! Do not put all eggs in one basket!!...Buy Low Sell High!!!...Never test the depth of the river with both feet!! Dont love the stock! Love the Price
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      Technical based position trader with a primary focus on price pattern breakouts and breakdowns.
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      Low Risk Swing Alerts
      High probability, low risk #SwingTrading Alerts via SMS. Also #DayTrading alerts, trading chat, and 1 on 1 mentoring! Free 7 Day Trial, check us out! Email with any questions
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      I've been trading for 7 years. Love swing trades and commodities. Love "The Chart Guys." *Best trading group money can buy*
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      Overnight swing trades are my specialty. I'll post my overnights here after market closes each day. Follow the link below to get access to my overnight picks before market closes!
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      Now only 3 algorithms scan the market for suspicious activity. $YUMA $SSH $ETRM $SGNL $MCZ $CVM to name a few 50% or more gainers.
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      Bilo Selhi
      Focused on finding opportunities that have potential to double within a day or two. 1,302% total return in 13 months. Members have advantage, see for yourself with a free trial. Disclaimer:
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      Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly candlestick chart pattern analysis of stocks and currencies. is a candlestick pattern identification data service, not an investment advisory service.
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      Chart Pattern Search
      Stock Chart Pattern Search