Leopoldo Sanchez Joined Jul 19, 2013

Trader focused in micro & small cap high beta stocks. Day-Trading or Swing depending on set-up. I publish all my trades in StockTwits and Twitter just for the sake of sharing, these are not recommendations to buy or sell.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $SREV
    ServiceSource International, In
  2. $ROYL
    Royale Energy Inc.
  3. $PFIE
    Profire Energy
  4. $ONVO
    Organovo Holdings Inc
  5. $SCOK
    SinoCoking and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc.
  6. $SNMX
    Senomyx Inc.
  7. $AGRX
    Agile Therapeutics
  8. $LLNW
    Limelight Networks, Inc.
  9. $SUMR
    Summer Infant, Inc.
  10. $BOTA
    Biota Pharmaceuticals Inc
  11. $SPEX
    Spherix Inc.
  12. $PGNX
    Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  13. $SNSS
    Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  14. $SIGM
    Sigma Designs, Inc.
  15. $END
    Endeavour International Corporation
  16. $ATEA
    Astea International Inc.
  17. $SQNM
    Sequenom Inc.
  18. $IDIX
    Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  19. $REDF India Ltd.
  20. $MNGA
    Magnegas Corporation