doug piercey Joined Jan 08, 2013

President Mazinaw Investments Aggressive investment style; look to small caps. where gains can be very significant; runner, relic hunter and canoe/hiking adventurer, Lake Mazinaw area, Eastern Ontario.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $CUBA
    Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc.
  2. $ACCO
    ACCO Brands Corporation
  3. $VA
    Virgin America
  4. $SA
    Seabridge Gold, Inc.
  5. $QHR-V
    QHR Corporation
  6. $NI-CA
    Victory Nickel Inc J
  7. $LIF-UN-CA
    Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp
  8. $AGI-CA
    Alamos Gold Inc
  9. $EQI-CA
    Eqty Financl Hldgs J
  10. $FCR-CA
    First Capital Rlty
  11. $NPI-CA
    Northland Power Inc.
  12. $GCG-CA
    Guardian Capital Gr
  13. $DR-CA
    Medical Facilities
  14. $NFI-CA
    New Flyer Industries Inc
  15. $FNV
    Franco Nevada Corporation
  16. $LSG-CA
    Lake Shore Gold J
  17. $MND-CA
    Mandalay Resources Corporation
  18. $FN-CA
    First Nat'L Fin Corp
  19. $URB-CA
    Urbana Corporation
  20. $WJX-CA
    Wajax Corporation