doug piercey Joined Jan 08, 2013

Canoe and hiking adventurer, Lake Mazinaw area; relic hunter; follower of Native American lore; conservative investment style but also follow small cap. companies where gains can be significant.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $AF-CA
    Alarmforce Ind Inc
  2. $TD
    The Toronto-Dominion Bank
  3. $ORV-CA
    Orvana Minerals Cp
  4. $AVL-CA
    Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
  5. $IAM-CA
    Integrated Asset Mgt
  6. $SEA-CA
    Seabridge Gold Inc J
  7. $ARE-CA
    Aecon Group Inc
  8. $BNS-CA
    Bank Of Nova Scotia
  9. $HBC-CA
    Hudson Bay Company
  10. $RY
    Royal Bank of Canada
  11. $RCL-CA
    Ridley Inc
  12. $DPM-CA
    Dundee Precious Metals Inc
  13. $CDL-A-CA
    Corby Distillers Ltd Vtg Shrs
  14. $AUQ-CA
    Aurico Gold Inc. J
  15. $AEM
    Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
  16. $FSV-CA
    Firstservice Corp Sv
  17. $EGL-UN-CA
    Eagle Energy Trust Unit
  18. $BRB-CA
    Brick Brewing Co
  19. $LIM-CA
    Labrador Iron Hldg J
  20. $INQ-CA
    Inscape Corp Cl B Sv