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    Mike Brazo Joined Jul 10, 2012

    When your desire to succeed exceeds the fear & disappointment of trade failure, you will hold your winners longer, & cut your losers faster.


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      Live Trading
      Trade with the best Traders around the world! Live Trading Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST, Free newsletter includes chatroom access, Real-time alerts, daily watchlist. Email us to get started
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      Profit TradingRoom
      Daytrader for 10+ years. Developed HIGH Winning % strategy. To GET IN for FREE trial email: /// Want info about best broker I recommend? - email me to get details! ///
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      Fusion Analytics Official Account
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      Momentum trader based on price action and chart analysis. Reviews 5000 charts per day, trades price action and volume, with a splash of fundamentals. Lead trader at Come try us out with a 30-day Free trial.
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      Have always worked for a bank. Equities / Bonds / Options / Private Companies. Wife is always right.
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      Cabot Investing Advice
      Cabot is one of the oldest and most-respected independent advisories in the U.S. For 45 years we have provided market commentary and investment advice for our subscribers.
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      Dave Fry Official Account
      Dave Fry is founder and publisher of ETF Digest, contributor to MarketWatch and best selling author of Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund, A DIY Strategy for Private Wealth Management published by Wiley Finance in 2008.
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      Bob Palmerton Official Account
      Bob has 30 years of trading experience and a CMT designation from the Market Technician's Association. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and has degrees in Finance from Fordham University and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2015 made $$$. The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing by entering only the highest probability trades by following the dark pool.
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      ''Earn Money Doing What You Love''. I am a nerdy economist analyst who invest or trade in the US and CAN Markets as Stocks,Futures and ETFs for the best return to my portfolio.
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      All analyst ratings for your stocks. Never miss a single upgrade, downgrade or target price change by any analyst firm on any stock! Get the most complete coverage of analyst ratings available online.
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      Estimize Official Account
      Estimize is a crowdsourced financial estimates platform offering a true view of market expectations on 1,500+ stocks. Its earnings estimates are more accurate than Wall Street 70% of the time and are crowdsourced from 10,000 regular contributors.
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      Harold Soutier
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      Matt Rodriguez
      J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs Consolidated Equity Finance Analyst Summer 2012 • Assisted Senior Associate with monthly closing process • Reconciled books and records to internal and external sources to function as a strong internal control
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      Daily chart alerts!, Blue Arrow Alert! (trade inside bar on all time frames). Price Alerts! at key levels. Use Fibonacci levels & 8/21 exponential moving averages to trim/trail, buy/add on break/close above resistance. Buy bullish reversals
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      Iskander Dante
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      chris keane
      A Keane Point of View..An Independent Trader, Trading around the world with a focus on FX markets.
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      Michael Dumeng
      Husband, Father, and Trader. I play stocks with news catalysts/earnings on an intraday basis.
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      Swing trader using techs and option data to identify entry points and shifts in a stocks trend. Primarily focused on holds of 1 to 3 months. Stay objective in your analysis and don't let your positions influence your interpretation of the chart.
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      Brian Bolan Official Account
      Equity Strategist for Zacks Investment Research, Former Equity Research Analyst. Tweets are NOT recommendations to buy or sell securities.