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    Mike T. Joined Aug 05, 2013

    Finding truth in charts and tuning out the noise. Owner of CHARTS DONT LIE LLC. Professional Trader and Trade Coach. Please reach out to see how I can help you become a better trader. Join my day trade chat room


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      learning everyday to get the best timing/rule #1 respecting everyone on this board as I do in my community.
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      If my picture was of a girl I'd have 3x as many followers. If you find more than two stocks that look good to buy in a day you're doing something wrong. Narrow your search
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      Modern Wall Street
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      Brian Bolan Official Account
      Equity Strategist for Zacks Investment Research, Former Equity Research Analyst. Tweets are NOT recommendations to buy or sell securities.
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      Logical Trader
      For us to to trade your account: 1) Open a futures account at Trade Station. 2) Be the custodian of your account. We don't handle your money. We just trade 3) $20000 equity for 1 futures contract. Minimum account $500K. @twitter tariqmalik5555
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      Vaks Doc
      I'm not a financial advisor and do not advise on positions. The charts I post are not always accurate. Most things in life demonstrate patterns. Macro and Micro should be assimilated. Intertwined discoveries are made. Breaking the Code is the goal.
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      Andrew Putman
      Dont mistake my kindness for weakness. CEO | Grey Trading School; Partner, Funds Manger | APMR Consulting | Web Designer, Marketing/Advertising APMR 5 day free trial on our website... Come see the difference.
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      Christian, father, husband ,and business owner
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      Crystal Balls
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      Cory Streater
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      StreetInsider Official Account
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      Robotic Tweet
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      Stock Picking Challenge
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      Karl Snyder Official Account
      Chief Market Strategist Garden State Securities
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      Day Trading Academy
      Official stocktwits of The Day Trading Academy. Where traders find success, wealth, or freedom through #investing and #trading. Let's Create Your Lifestyle.
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      Studies nuance, patterns, the zeitgeist. Employs analysis and calm. Ignores egos, tv pundits, gurus. Likes a good story and bad jokes. Always learning after 10+ yrs at this madness. Wants all to profit, by skill or luck, not by crushing others.
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      I dont give a shit about what you say or how you think. I trade what I see. Go against the grain OPTIONS ONLY not an investor but a cash machine, tech analysis swing. who only trades the big dogS.$$money on the mind stay in a steady GRIND
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2015 made $$$. The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing by entering only the highest probability trades by following the dark pool.
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      Iron Paul
      FREE SIGNALS. Equity index tracking expert with 15 years of steady and stellar performance. I send out my daily signals for free to members. Performance since 2000: $ES_F: 70.3% winners. $SPY/$SSO/$SPXL: 71.2% winners.