Mike T. Joined Aug 05, 2013

Finding truth in charts and fundamentals and tuning out the noise. Looking for fat pitches and hitting grand slams! Checkout my website for more info about me and my current holdings.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $CEP
    Constellation Energy Partners LLC
  2. $EOX
    Emerald Oil Inc
  3. $CTIC
    Cell Therapeutics, inc.
  4. $HK
    Halcon Resources Corp.
  5. $NTDOY
    Nintendo Co.
  6. $UPI
    Uroplasty Inc.
  7. $CDZI
    Cadiz Inc.
  8. $TNP
    Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd.
  9. $PVA
    Penn Virginia Corp.
  10. $CRME
    Cardiome Pharma Corp.
  11. $GENE
    Genetic Technologies Ltd.
  12. $PLNR
    Planar Systems Inc.
  13. $CBAK
    China BAK Battery, Inc.
  14. $LUNA
    Luna Innovations Incorporated
  15. $IBIO
    iBio, Inc.
  16. $MNOV
    MediciNova Inc.
  17. $EBR
    Centrais Electricas Brasileiras S.A.
  18. $CADC
    China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc.
  19. $GAME
    Shanda Games Limited
  20. $RBY
    Rubicon Minerals Corporation