one Joined Feb 16, 2012

looking for a fresh start -happy with each day God gives me no matter how much the world tries to knock me down -totally ready for the top to get pruned off and the little guys to win

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TYG
    Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp.
  2. $WLP
    WellPoint Inc.
  3. $GIG
    GigOptix, Inc.
  4. $ODP
    Office Depot, Inc.
  5. $SFE
    Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
  6. $CHTP
    Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd.
  7. $JCI
    Johnson Controls Inc.
  8. $PLUG
    Plug Power Inc.
  9. $IRE
    The Governor and Company of The Bank of Ireland
  10. $CDTI
    Clean Diesel Technologies Inc.
  11. $TASR
    TASER International Inc.
  12. $AFOP
    Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.
  13. $MOBI
    Sky-mobi Limited
  14. $ICE
    IntercontinentalExchange, Inc.
  15. $SLCA
    U.S. Silica Holdings
  16. $FREE
    FreeSeas Inc.
  17. $BEAT
    Bio Telemetry
  18. $ICON
    Iconix Brand Group, Inc.
  19. $OMER
    Omeros Corporation
  20. $ICEL
    Cellular Dynamics International Inc.