Michael C Joined Jun 03, 2014

Novice trader playing with very little money. Just here to watch and learn.


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    Dan Wilson
    Daily Stock Market Advisor Giving Buy And Sell Signals For The Stock Market, Including The Nasdaq, Gold, Dollar, Oil and Bonds.
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    GainClients Inc.
    GainClients's software service SikkU is the 1st lead generation & marketing service of its kind integrated with local REALTOR association data & that is based on a networking platform. The service is available via the web, text, & android/IOS apps.
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    Steve Foxx
    I am a systems, rules based, long term trader & teacher. I go out of my way to avoid noise, while managing risk. I view the market via WEEKLY bars. A careful examination of my list of losing and winning trades tells the complete story.
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