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    nancy ottofy Joined Dec 29, 2011

    Stockbroker 17 yrs. Retired to mountains of Co, and owned property on the island of Roatan. Help family and friends with investing and trade and invest for own portfolio.Certified Mediator.Travel extensively.


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      My Trading Buddy
      My Trading Buddy is a Free Total resource Portal for All Traders. With Free Trading Education Blog, Markets Analysis Magazine and even a Free App with Exclusive Trading Tools.
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      Jeremy Biberdorf
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      Day Trader, In and Out ASAP. Longer Term on PDUFA BIo's and Catalysts
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      Earnings Whispers News
      Latest earnings news using the most accurate expectations published... anywhere.
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      WSnews4investors is the influential source for stock news and Opinion Company with content which delivered over the Internet. In today’s environment, having the accurate information is an essential part of making smart investment decisions.
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      Social Stocks
      Social Stocks Inc. is a leading provider of social media services for publicly traded companies. Members of this group are welcome to post their stock picks and other public company related materials and news. All spam will be deleted.
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      John Butcofski Official Account
      Former Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Advisors Portfolio Manager. Enjoy fly fishing, tuna fishing, golfing, cooking from scratch and good friends. Big fan of animals, especially dogs!
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      Emma Whatson
      Hi, I am Emma Watson. I am a writer by profession with major interests in Business Finance and Financial strategies. I am an undergraduate with a degree of Bachelors of Business Administration from one of Ivy League colleges. I am really enthusiasti
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      Trent Partridge
      Author, Internet Marketer, Social Media, SEO, Photo/Video Studio, Basketball Speed & Agility Trainer, Military Non-Profit, Comic
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      paul bratby
      I am a Money Manager that trades a combined 8 figure account balance of private sophisticted investors. I am also the CEO and founder of a Free resource portal for all Financial Market Traders
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      MariAnne Vanella
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      Jeff Bullas
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      Jay Pelle
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      Paul Coghlan
      Providing analysis of the currencies, precious metals and US indices to a wide audience, from day traders and fund managers through to institutional traders using technical analysis methods that are grounded in market balance.
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      Ed Vayn
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      Steven Hughes
      Love the dynamics of chart reading and forecasting. Dow 20K on the way...
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      Dr. Steven
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      cameron fous
      Ive made nearly $400k in just 2 years. My job is to teach you how i did it. Watch me trade live everyday and learn with me on FOUStv
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      Bill Rice
      Personal investor. Trading like I run my business...hacking for growth. When I feel traction, I scale.
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      Confident Investor
      Teaching people the skills they need to confidently invest in the stock market. Author of The Confident Investor