Nick Joined Feb 21, 2013

Trading on good fundamentals, strong revenue growth and value.


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    Mr Dolla Maker
    Stock Trader, Investor, Entrepreneur. Website/Newsletter Launching On November 5th. Perfectly Calling Out Bottoms And Tops On $SPY! I Post Everything In Real Time. Not Investment Advice. mrdollamaker@gmail.com
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    ThinkingAlpha.com. A Premiere Day Trading Forum Where Active Traders Exchange Ideas to Maximise Profit. info@thinkingalpha.com
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    Weekly Option Play
    WeeklyOptionPlays offers Premium and Basic Plans for Weekly Options. Weekly Option Plays also issues Stocks. Visit us to know more.
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    Cogent Advisor
    Before founding The Cogent Advisor, I was a veteran commodities trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, executing my own and other customers’ trades for more than 20 years.I now help free my clients’ wealth for something more.
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    We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !