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    Option Bob Joined Dec 17, 2009

    Full time trader. Mostly leveraged ETFs, average holding period: 1-2 days. I post screenshots of all entries/exits.


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      Justice "Jack" Litle Official Account
      Mercenary Trader: Timely market commentary, valuable resources for current and aspiring traders, awesome interviews and free special reports, high quality materials on the psychology, theory and practice of trading, and more.
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      Eric Horesnyi
      Responsible tech for a sustainable world #peopleprofitplanet Repentant HFT architect #UX #fintech #API #cleantech Dadx3. Lived in Mex,SF,NYC,Paris. Now @StreamdataIO
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      Independent trader & investor, former equity fund manager emerging markets.
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      Mike T.
      Finding truth in charts and tuning out the noise. Owner of CHARTS DONT LIE LLC. Professional Trader and Trade Coach. Please reach out to see how I can help you become a better trader. Join my day trade chat room
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      BSN Investing
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking." - George S. Patton
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      Scott Rutherford
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      Start small, add on strength/confirmation. Periodically posting charts of my current or potential positions. Recognize for yourself.
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      Tom Ingemanson
      Fluent in Russian, German, Swedish, Spanish, English, yoga, Java -- As well as in Objective C and swift. Wish I were in piano, illustration, the market.
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      Brave Newbie
      I'm actually not a newbie. But I'll ask a lot of questions because I'm always trying to learn and improve. My base strategy is pretty complex and involves yahtzee cups and ferret bones. I also pray to the god of luck sometimes.
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      Erick M
      Technical swing trader looking to teach others short term strategies, scalping, price action analysis, when to get in and when to stay away and short the market/ETFs, all through technical analysis/chart readings/algo trading.Trade at your own risk.
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      Trade treasury futures and index etf's. Most people fail at trading, not me. I understand risk and don't trade small time frames.
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      Jack Loftis
      Successful ETF Swing Trader. Trading this "mean reversion" approach for the past 7 years. Posting my trades 60 minutes before the Close every day, with over 90% win rate.
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      Capital Market Laboratories
      Capital Market Laboratories (CML) harnesses the power of visual & 'living' data to support investment decisions.
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      Jani Ziedins Official Account
      Psychology based swing and position trader. Read my daily analysis of market sentiment and contrarian views at
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      christopher brecher
      Content provider at Simpler Stocks and Simpler Oprtions...Hyperactive, obsessive,professional trader since 1982. CBOE market maker(IBM PIT) 1985-1993...Day trader of stocks,options and futures since 1993.
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      Array Analytics
      Sharing the wealth of information since back when big data was still little.
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      Learner. Doing day-trading for small profits/money to help & run my orphanage school and 32 orphan kids - their daily food and life. Any help, advise, support, tips, assistance and guidance are grateful. email :
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      Ernie Varitimos
      Loving husband and Father of 2 beautiful girls, Techno-Geek, Market Analyst, Apple Evangelist, Love Ridgebacks and Martha's Vineyard, Sports Fan, Zen Buddhist