MOJO DAY TRADING Joined Jul 12, 2012

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Stocks I'm Following

  1. $LPTH
    LightPath Technologies Inc.
  2. $ZHNE
    Zhone Technologies Inc.
  3. $STSI
    Star Scientific, Inc.
  4. $HILL
    Dot Hill Systems Corp.
  5. $OWW
    Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
  6. $MEET
    MeetMe Inc.
  7. $SYRG
    Synergy Resources Corp
  8. $ARCI
    Appliance Recycling Centers of America Inc.
  9. $GAME
    Shanda Games Limited
  10. $RVLT
    Revolution Lighting Tech Inc.
  11. $SQNM
    Sequenom Inc.
  12. $IMUC
    ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.
  13. $NKY
    Nikkei 225
  14. $MITK
    Mitek Systems, Inc.
  15. $FU
    FAB Universal Corp.
  16. $SNV
    Synovus Financial Corp.
  17. $WIFI
    Boingo Wireless, Inc.
  18. $HERO
    Hercules Offshore, Inc.
  19. $MOVE
    Move, Inc.
  20. $TRLA