rahagar Joined Aug 14, 2013

Petroleum geologist turned full time equities and options trader. Also a breeder of high quality Myotonic (aka, fainting) goats.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $HABT
    The Habit Restaurants
  2. $CDK
    CDK Global, Inc.
  3. $TRN
    Trinity Industries Inc.
  4. $AKAM
    Akamai Technologies Inc.
  5. $STWIT
  6. $CRB
    Reuters Jefferies CRB Index
  7. $BDI
    Baltic Dry Index
  8. $EPD
    Enterprise Products Partners LP
  9. $STUDY
    StockTwits Education
  10. $MACRO
    Global Macro
  11. $VIX
    CBOE Volatility Index