ram kingdom Joined Aug 06, 2010

life is written in code and one can learn to navigate through a mathematical system...there has to be an order behind this madness known as the stock market.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TSLA
    Tesla Motors, Inc.
  2. $STUDY
    StockTwits Education
  3. $NQ_F
    E-Mini NASDAQ 100 Futures
  4. $ES_F
    E-Mini S&P 500 Futures
  5. $KORS
    Michael Kors Holdings Ltd
  6. $NOK
    Nokia Corporation
  7. $CROX
    CROCS Inc.
  8. $CLX
    Clorox Corporation
  9. $LUX
    Luxottica Group SpA
  10. $ONVO
    Organovo Holdings Inc
  11. $DDD
    3D Systems Corporation
  12. $NFLX
    Netflix, Inc.
  13. $YELP
  14. $FB
  15. $APP
    American Apparel, Inc.
  16. $PRLB
    Proto Labs, INC.
  17. $AMZN
    Amazon.com Inc.
  18. $EBAY
    eBay Inc.
  19. $SSYS
    Stratasys Inc.